Friday, 9 September 2011

Of 07.09.11

So many significant episodes happened on 7.9.11 in my life..hence it is a must for me to jot down it here..

Of course 7 Sep is our anniversary..and this year no special occasion we planned to celebrate this memorable fact En Hubby was having flu + fever..and somehow we were in argument of the same old thing, which we never came to a conclusion..looking at it on the day itself, it was a one that I didn't dream or want to remember..adat berumah tangga..tak indah kalo tak gado iye dak? :D

And this date this year, gave a significant remark to myself..don't know why Prof Kamil and wife migration to Madinah touches my heart..deeply. I have to admit, their writing in their blog influence my thinking so much..they made me think a lot about myself..made me realise what I've been searching for in this life..and I believe I almost understand the purpose of my life..sebak..that's what I felt but at the same time I'm happy for them..I believe this is the best that Allah has planned for him and family..I remember I jot down here - I wanted to be like him..but..I can see the gap is very2 far away..hmm..

Also on the same day, we were briefed on our new structure which will be effective middle of September..seriously have no reaction, or should I say I have nothing to complaint I already expected to continue almost the same thing I've been doing for the past one year..tho deep down I do hope to report to another superior if given the chance..but then I pray hard to Allah, to arrange the best position for me in this division cause I believe Allah knows what's best for me here and thereafter. What I favour might not be the best for me..only Allah knows..thus I just accept the post given with open heart cause I believe Allah!

07.09 this year was fill with different kind of emotion at the same time..looking back at that day, and how I reacted, I beleive I have came to another stage of maturity..and yesterday I've finally decided to conclude argument with En Hubby and I felt great and it was really a big releived! :D. I'm sure we didn't have to bring up the same issues again in the future..insya-Allah..

Hikmah lepas gaduh dpt kek sebijik on the next day :D

And yesterday, dengan izin Allah, there was opportunity for another post and dengan izin Allah also my super duper big boss allow me to cross the border and it was finally concluded insya-Allah. Really, I didn't plan for it, and really it was the least I expected! I couldn't believe myself either that I have made this choice without giving a deep thoughts about it. I concluded my decision in less than half an hour! This is really not me!

Ya Allah, I so believe in You..I know this the arrangement that you have prepared for me..inilah sebaik-baik percaturan..I can see this really clearly ya Allah, betapa Maha Besarnya Engkau Ya Allah..betapa kasih dan sayangnya Engkau pada hambamu yang sangat lemah, jahil & hina ini..Engkaulah yang Maha Mendengar..Engkaulah Yang Maha tested me on 07.09.11 but you have given me the Nur on 08.09.11..Benarlah, hanya Engkau lah yang berkuasa menentukan segala sesuatu..

Maha Suci Allah, Segala Puji Bagi Allah, Tiada Tuhan yanh disembah melainkan Allah, Allah Maha Besar

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